Time and respect

I was told to be there at 0545. But that wasn’t going to happen.

A couple of years ago I had a warehouse job. I was paid to be there at six in the morning and finish at ten. Every day at six o’clock, a lorry would rumble into the yard and start unloading our delivery. I had to be fifteen minutes early. And I had to be ready to work the moment it arrived.

An employee is expected to sacrifice their time for the good of the company. I understand that. It’s how employment works. But to be expected to do it for no further compensation? Just because it shows “commitment” or is “part of the job”, or because it demonstrates your team ethic? No deal.

This disrespect of an employee’s time seems to be the rule, not the exception.

When you are doing work that you love, time is irrelevant. Justine Musk says that our love for something is demonstrated by how willing we are to suffer and sacrifice for it. When it comes to work we love, we are happy to sacrifice our time.

But what about work you do not love? A job you would rather not be doing?

An individual or an organisation which has no respect for your time has no respect for you. To them, you are a cog. Time is your most precious resource. Show no respect to anyone that fails to appreciate the value of it.