Bones and brains

What do your bones and your brain have in common?​

Wolff’s Law states that our bones adapt to the loads we place upon them.

Astronauts arrive back on earth with less bone mass because there is no gravity in space. Older people find it easier to exercise in pools because the force of impact on their frail bodies is lessened.

Our minds follow the same pattern.

One that is not challenged, not tested, not exercised is weak in comparison to one that battles with knowledge, that summons new ideas, that uses it’s creative and analytical capacities.

When we remove the load placed on our bones and our brains, the remodelling process stops. We cease replacing the old, the weak and the brittle with the new, the strong and the supple.

We become fragile.

In the absence of growth, we decay.

Ask yourself, what load am I placing on myself today?