This is why you’re not making progress

You want to be the best in the world? That’s your goal is it?


But you have to do one thing: Make sure your behaviour reflects that.

You have to answer the question, “what would the best person in the world be doing every day?” You have to penetrate their thought, their attitude, their motivation, how they learn, who they learn from, why they learn from them.

If you want to be the best in the world, you have to act like it.

You want to have a great career?

One that pays well, gives you an opportunity to grow, freedom, control, one that allows you to make an impact? As Derek Sivers says, “A great career isn’t something you find – it’s something you earn when you’ve got rare and valuable skills to offer in return.

If your goal is an amazing job, your behaviour must align with that ambition.

If you want to save up and buy that house or go on that trip, then you need to actually save.

That means forfeiting some frivolous spending and niceties.

For some being wealthy is a goal. But most who covet that wealth aren’t willing to do what it takes to get it.

We want what the wealthy have but we aren’t willing to do what they do.

We want the reward without the effort, the payoff without the cost to ourselves, the success without the failures, the ups without the downs.

We set ourselves the goal. But our behaviour doesn’t match it. So we don’t achieve it.

And then we wonder why.