Poo in the hand

Right now my hands are toasty warm.

Not for much longer.

I only have a few seconds after I remove the gloves before the cold starts to bite into them.

So I practise the manoeuvre in my head.

Gloves off. Put them into my coat pocket. Pull a bag out. Open it. Turn it inside out. Step over. Scoop it up. Tie the bag. Get to the nearest bin and chuck it in. Gloves back on.

I’m ready.

Bailey finishes.

He does that inexplicable thing that all dogs do. He moves several feet from where he defecated and starts pawing the ground, launching mud and grass and leaves into the air.

Here we go.

Gloves off, bag out, I swoop over. I can feel the cold working it’s way in already. I shove my hand into the bag, bend over and pick up the poo.

It’s warmth against the increasing cold in my hand is almost welcome.

I love my dog. But I have to pick up his excrement.

Picture the yin-yang diagram.

The white represents light. The black represents dark. Now look at the two small circles in each section.

The black circle in the white: The bad in the good.

The white circle in the black: The good in the bad.

Understand that success contains the seeds of failure. Learn to see the opportunity in disaster.

This is how to master life.