Imagine you’re the tiger

In this short video a rescued Siberian tiger is being released back into the wild.

Imagine you’re the tiger.

At the start you see a small, strong metal box. The people are setting up the cameras, preparing the mechanism that lifts the door.

The camera cuts to the tiger resting inside. Zolushka is lying down, looking around at the walls.

They push the button that releases the mechanism. It lifts, shudders and fails. They reset it.

Zolushka is agitated now. She’s prowling in circles, aroused by the noise.

They push the button again. The door lifts.

Nothing for ten seconds. Silence.

Then there’s a surge of movement. Zolushka bounds back out into the wild where she belongs.

It’s a beautiful moment.

When we have an opportunity it’s not unlike the raising of the door. Suddenly we see the forest and sense the freedom.

But we pause. Is it a trap or some scheme to ensnare us further?

When we realise it’s not we explode out towards a life free of restriction and confinement.

What do you do when you have an opportunity? Do you seize it with the vigor with which Zolushka re-entered her natural habitat?​

Or when the door opens, do you peer out, sniff the risk and the danger and the uncertainty in the air and opt for a life of captivity?