Man or beast?

Zolushka was released back into the wild.

After writing about the video in which you see her regain her freedom, I thought about John Vaillant’s The Tiger.

It’s about a Siberian tiger that is attacking villagers and the team pursuing it through the harsh, bitter forests of the Russian taiga.

An epigraph to one of the chapters is a Russian proverb:

“Men carry their superiority inside; animals outside.”

Do your friends and family love you for who you are instead of what you have?

Do you need the big and the best and the most expensive? Or are they just vehicles for you to assert your dominance and show your authority?

Do you try hard to stand out? Are your patterns of thought, your words and your actions not enough to do that for you?

Are you an animal? One who displays his superiority through his possessions and his position.

Or are you a man? One who reveals his strength through the depth of his character and the kindness in his heart?