The world is chaos

Beauty is not a prerequisite. The aesthetics of truth don’t matter.

In many areas they do. When it comes to human or animal movement the most beautiful and the most graceful is often the most effective.

Elegance is a factor in mathematics. A theory is considered for it’s correctness, it’s rigour and for it’s elegance.

In art and creative work, aesthetics are emphasised.

But with knowledge, with wisdom, with truth? Not so.

Knowledge is unstable, shifting, fuzzy, poorly defined, hard to quantify.

The stretch of the human timeline is littered with men and women that try desperately to take knowledge and systematise it. To place it into one neatly packaged and easily understandable framework.

It never works. Either we learn something that undermines what we previously thought or the system overlooks an obvious error.

Truth is messy. But we’ll never stop trying to clean it up.

We’re human. That’s what we do.

We take the disordered, the untidy, the uncertain, the unknown and make it fit into a box.

The world is chaos. We are human.

We just want it to make sense.