The ultimate self-fulfilling prophecy

Life is a fight. A vicious war. A struggle. It’s us against the multiple forces trying to hold us back and break us down.

It is relentless conflict.

If you spend your life fighting, you will gain many scars, many painful memories and shoulder many burdens.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Life can seem heavy. Like it’s weighing us down. But is it?

A self-fulfilling prophecy is something that if believed in becomes a reality.

The heaviness of life is one such thing.

If we see what we must do as a trial, as a journey through pain and suffering, we will be broken many times.

But what if, rather than a burden, we saw it as a blessing? An opportunity? A challenge?

What if we realised that seeing something as a weight to bear is actually what makes it heavy?

What if we realised that how we view life is how we will end up living it?