It cannot stay in the Shire

​Every few months I watch them again.

Lord of the Rings. One, two and three.

I don’t know why.

There’s one particular scene early on in the Fellowship that gets me.

Gandalf has just confirmed that Bilbo’s old ring is the One Ring.

Gandalf describes it’s power and tells Frodo why it cannot stay in the Shire:

Sauron knows it’s there.

After trying to palm the ring off to Gandalf, who refuses it, Frodo asks one question:

“What must I do?”

Frodo’s world has just been flipped. His life irreversibly altered. And his first question is “What must I do?”

He didn’t lament his misfortune or say “why me?”

There was no complaint, no refusal to believe what Gandalf was telling him.

His tranquil life in the Shire is forever lost and he asks, “What must I do?”