A better tomorrow

​Three words that sum up what I’ve been reading and thinking about lately:

Earn your future.

We ask, “where will I be in 1, 2, 10 years time?” The answer is usually, “somewhere better than where I am now.”

After all, as time progresses we hope the quality of our life will too. We see ourselves with more money, more autonomy, more skills, more everything.

Avoiding the discussion about the virtues of wanting more versus needing less, we can see there’s another problem. It comes back to the goals we have and our behaviour. Most of the time, they don’t match.

In the future, we see ourselves with x. But in the present, we’re not doing anything to earn x.

Want a better life, one with more control, more freedom, more opportunities to make an impact? It’s not enough to hope. You want a better future? You have to earn it with your conduct in the present.

For your tomorrow to be better than today, wanting is not enough.