I promise this isn’t an awful joke

​A man walks in to a pub. The barman recognises him. “It’s been too long! How are you? Are you still playing in your band?”

“No” he says.

“What happened? I thought it was what you wanted to do?” asks the barman.

The man points to the ring on his finger and the pram by his side and says, “Well, life got in the way.”

No. Life didn’t get in the way

Life isn’t an entity that’s determined to stop you from doing what matters.

Your problems may not be your fault but they are your responsibility. Stop making excuses. You got in your own way. You made some bad decisions. You stopped trying. You gave up. You bent the knee. And to make it worse, you sought someone or something else to blame.

“Life” doesn’t care about our dreams or desires or problems or struggles. “Life” doesn’t stop us. We stop ourselves. We are the ones who yield and cower. We are the ones who choose to back down. We are the ones who quit.