How to never make it past the first date

​First date. You tell them you are looking for love.

Second date. There isn’t one. The “L” word scared them off.

The start of a new relationship is defined by uncertainty. They don’t know much about you. You don’t know much about them. You’ve never spent a prolonged period of time together. You’ve never seen the other person tired, angry, jealous, upset or sick.

You don’t know if you’ll be together in five years. And you certainly don’t know if you’ll fall in love.

Love is something you can’t call. You can bet on it, but you can’t know.

Purpose is like love.

When you start a new job or a new activity, or even continue a regular one, you cannot predict that it will turn out to have some larger purpose for you.

In a relationship, you’re with the other person and out of nowhere comes the realisation: “I think I love her.” Nothing specific inspired it. Nothing has changed. It’s just there now. You just do.

Purpose is the same. One day, you’re in the middle of a job, or you have a moment to look back, and it hits you: “this is what I was supposed to do.”

There’s no explanation for it. There’s no reason. It just is.

It’s a feeling that goes beyond words. You just know when you’ve found it.

Purpose is like love.

The harder you pursue it, the more it continues to elude you.