20k. 8 hours. A few kids


That’s what success is about, right?

You trade your time, your attention, your energy now, for something greater, later.

Sometimes, you have to sacrifice your happiness, your wellbeing, your relationships.

In every win is contained a loss. Sacrifice definitely forms a part. But it’s not the whole game. You don’t have to play that way.

I prefer to think of numbers, of averages.

What’s average?

If you go by wage, it’s twenty-something thousand pounds a year. Usually, from a single stream of income. It’s a half-hour commute, an eight hour day, a two day weekend. It’s an okay job, something survivable but not meaningful. It’s a three bedroom house, a few kids. It’s retirement in your sixties.

Here’s the thing. The average person always aspires to have an above average life. To have a life that deviates positively from the norm.

That means more money, multiple streams of income, more autonomy, more control, a better environment and work that matters to them and to others.

But while an average persons longs for an above average life, they don’t act in an above-average way. There’s a disconnect between goals and actual behaviour.

If you want a better life, you have to be and do better. Every day. If you want to live an above average life, do above average work. Be surrounded by and learn from above average people.

You can’t do normal. Your thoughts, your actions, your ethics, your strategies must be a cut above.

If you want a better life, first you have to become a better person.