How to find yourself

​Get lost.

Lose yourself in your exploration of that which fascinates you. 

We are explorers at heart. Not made to sit and be contented. We are made to go beyond the boundaries previous generations established, both physically and mentally.

Get lost.

So lost that you can’t remember what day it is. So lost that you can’t remember the last time you ate. So lost that you can’t remember what’s on the news or who won the election. So lost that you forget you were supposed to be at the meeting.

Imagine you’re on a boat. The boat takes you on a tour of the island’s coast and it’s final stop is a lagoon. It moves gently through the gap between the rocks. You see naked cliff and clear blue water.

Most people stay on the boat and admire the scene. Some people dip their toes in the water. And there’s kids climbing to the boats highest point and diving in. Again and again. They’re swimming over by the cliffs. They’re splashing around on the surface. They’re diving, trying to reach the coral and the colourful fish down below.

The kids are fascinated. They’re struck with a profound sense of wonder. They’re amazed.

It is this sense of wonder and willingness to be amazed that we lose as we grow.

We have jobs. We have schedules. We have commitments. We have places to be, relationships to maintain, things we must do and things we think we must do.

These pseudo-significant things that weigh upon our minds crush our desire to explore and be amazed.

We confuse ourselves, trying to fit everything into a box or a category or assign it a purpose. What’s the point of exploring, we ask ourselves. How will I benefit?

Before we learn, we ask ourselves, how will this help me?

Don’t worry about what it all means. Just allow yourself to be intrigued, and then interested, and then absorbed. Your fascination will arouse your desire to understand, to comprehend, and with that, you will eventually see the patterns and make the connection to the rest of your life.

Life is a large, beautiful, complex, scary, twisted, wonderful thing. Allow yourself to be drawn into it’s mysteries.

Unyoke yourself from pretentious adult concerns and play the kid explorer again.

Get lost.