Going it alone

​New rule: every time you see someone successful, don’t give them credit for their success.

Not entirely.

They are just the tip of the iceberg. The figurehead. The lighting rod for all the praise, criticism and attention.

An actor can’t shine without a vast network that makes his success a possibility. For a start, there must be other actors. There must be a director and assistant directors. There must be an entire production team that builds sets, creates the film’s scores and sound effects, is responsible for visual effects and special effects, post-production and does a thousand other jobs that no one is aware of.

There has to be a marketing team, a casting team, a cinematography team, catering staff, a team of runners, not to mention extras, scriptwriters, designers and many more I’ve forgotten.

Every individual that you see who has success has it because of a supporting ensemble that enable him or her to do what they do best.  Anyone you look up to is only able to be in that position because of the contributions of thousands of faceless others.

Their story, their rise, is never as simple as it seems. It wasn’t them against the world. Much remains buried submerged beneath the surface.

So what makes you think you can do it all by yourself?