Every moment holds a pearl

​Have regrets. But don’t let them impact you or alter your choices.

‘Regret’ comes from the Old French word, ‘regreter’, which means to bewail the dead. To mourn.

The past is, well, past. We can mourn it, but we cannot re-do it or resurrect it. So what if you messed up your formal education? So what if you made some bad choices?

Your past doesn’t have to become your future. Take advantage of your errors. 

Being in debt taught me the power (and the danger) of debt. Neglecting my formal education taught me the value of an education. Not travelling and seeing the world taught me the importance of living wider, deeper and vicariously. Having a ton of time and no money taught me the worth of the former, and how little of the latter I actually need.

In your life, every moment holds a pearl. Every second that passes is a mentor, a guide, a small piece of the puzzle.

Stop obsessing about the past and instead, allow yourself to be taught by the present.`