This could change your life

​This could be the piece of writing that changes your life. You just don’t know it yet.

Immersed in the moment, there’s no way to know how significant an action, decision or experience is going to be. We can’t determine how it’s going to impact our future.

Only when we’re well past that moment and looking back do we stop and say, “Wow. That changed my life.”

In hindsight, it’s easy to pick out the moments that mattered. There are episodes in my life that stand out and shine bright for one reason or another. Whether they actually are the most important things to have happened to me is debatable. We humans are pretty good at creating narratives and attaching significance to what we think should have been important.

But the point is, we decide what matters whilst looking back.

Right now, right here, we can’t see. There’s no way to know what will matter to us in the future and what will not. 

Whatever the most meaningful moments in our lives turn out to be, we can only see them because we’ve moved far beyond them.