Don’t be one of those people

You’ve got a problem. Something needs to change. So you start hanging around with different people. You go to different places. You hunt down and try new techniques and new tactics. You ask for help from the people around you, from people you don’t know, from the new communities you’ve joined. You seek out stories of people who’ve had similar experiences, you read books and watch documentaries and listen to interviews.

To solve your problems, you’re willing to do everything. Except change yourself.

Don’t be one of those people. One of those who always find an external reason for their problems, who play the victim, who say “if only this was different”, “if only I could do X” or “if only I had Y.”

Those people, the ones who are willing to change everything but themselves are scared. Because if they change themselves, it means admitting that they are part of the problem. 

Why is that scary? Perhaps because when you realise you are part of—often the biggest part of—the problem, you can’t help but see that all the heartache and agony you’ve suffered and caused is your responsibility.

Now, you have two options. You can run from that fact and keep trying to change everything else but yourself. 

Or you can embrace it, recognise how empowering it is, and stop being the biggest impediment to your own progress.