Two words for a twenty-one year old

​Two words.


It’s okay to not know what you want to do.

It’s okay to feel confused and lost.

It’s okay to make mistakes.

It’s okay to make new friends, go new places, and leave old ones behind.

It’s okay to follow your intuitions and chase what excites you.

It’s okay to piss some people off.

It’s okay if people don’t “get you” or mis-understand your intentions.

It’s okay to relax, to enjoy yourself and to explore.

What is it not okay to do?

Many things. But I’ll focus on the two most important ones:

1) It’s not okay to run away from your problems. 

You’re an adult now. Your problems may not be your fault but they are your responsibility. Take ownership of your life.

2) It’s not okay to neglect your education.

Your capacity to continually learn, adapt and grow is the only weapon no one else can ever take away from you. Wield it.

Now with those words fresh in your mind, go out in to the world and do the opposite.

After all, you’re twenty-one. You have to stick your hand in the fire to realise how hot it is.