The bio of future you

If you think life is a burden, it will be. If you think the world is filled with opportunity, you’ll see them everywhere. These are self-fulfilling prophecies.

Here’s another one: 

Write your future bio and you’ll become that person.

Imagine where you’d like to be in six months to a year from now. What have you done? What have you accomplished? Who have you become? Now, pretend you’ve done all of it, and that someone has asked you to write your bio. Perhaps you’re being featured in the media, or you need to update the “about” page of your site.

Bear in mind, a bio is not a biography. I’m not saying list every single thing that future you has accomplished. I’m saying choose the few most important things future you has done and summarise them.

This exercise is valuable for two reasons.

1) Writing a bio forces you to be concise. And if you have to be concise, you can only include the few things that are most important. Which, if you are unsure about your priorities and main objectives for the next year, is a great way to figure out what they are.

2) If you have a firmer grasp of your path going forward, writing a future bio helps you to ensure your long term vision and your daily behaviour is aligned. Look at your future bio. Look at what you plan to do today. If there’s a mismatch, correct it. 

I actually did this yesterday. Here’s what I came up with: 

​“Matthew Sweet is the author of Book Number One and Book Number Two. He writes daily about mastery, strategy and practical philosophy on his blog and produces a weekly newsletter. When not reading, writing or advising, he practises Brazilian jiu-jitsu and other movement disciplines.”

​Now it’s your turn. What’s your future bio?