You need…

​You need an agent to get a deal.

You need a publisher to write a book.

You need a business plan to start your business.

You need their money to expand.

You need a degree to get the job.

You need to live in this special place.

You need this equipment and software to do great work.

You need to know the influencers to get ahead.

You need a website.

You need more experience.

Everyone will tell you, you need this to do/get/be/have that.

But what if that’s just want they want you to think? What if they’re only saying it because they have a stake in things staying the same? What if the preservation of the status quo they love so dearly depends on you believing what they say? What if you didn’t need them or anything they’re offering? 

What if you needed nothing from anyone to do what you want to do?

It might be true. It might not. 

But give it a shot. Pretend it is and see what happens.