Seventy years a coward

​You are not born brave. Or a coward. You are not born weak or strong. You do not enter this world as kind or cruel. As generous or selfish.

Becoming any of these things is a choice. Not a choice that we make once and then adhere to forever. They are choices that we make a million times. Every single day. Every single hour. Every moment. Throughout the entirety of our lives.

A man can live seventy years as a coward. A weak, selfish and cruel man. But in his seventy-first year, he can choose to be none of those things anymore. Yes, overturning the precedent that seven decades of choice has made will be hard. But it’s possible. After all, we are not bound by any law to the choices we’ve made in the past.

His choice would not erase the damage caused by his previous choices. But it would signal a new understanding. A shift in character.

You may have chosen cowardice or cruelty or meanness in the past. I have. But in the future, right now in fact, you have a chance to choose differently. To choose better.

Just because you were something in the past doesn’t mean you have to continue being that thing in the future. You can change. 

You can choose.