Your job and your work

​Your job covers your overhead. Your rent, your food shop, your bills, your subscriptions, your bar tab. 

You go to it most every day, do what’s required, and come home.

It’s not glamorous. Or exciting. Or sometimes, even enjoyable. But you endure it because it means you don’t have to live on the streets.

Your work is different. 

You do it because it fulfils an emotional need, not an economical one. You do it every day if you can, often without expecting (or needing) to compensation. 

Like a job, your work can be unglamourous, tedious, and often it’s hard.

But unlike a job, you choose to do your work when no-one or nothing is compelling you too.

In an ideal world, your job is to do your work. 

But when it’s not, you have to do everything you can to stop your work from morphing into your job.