Do you need more time?

​I’ll spend hours procrastinating, completing the loop. Email, Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Reddit. Again and again.

Then, that same day, I’ll feel overwhelmed by what I have to do. And how little time I have.

But, I’ve realised two things. 

1) The obligations we have loom larger in our minds than they actually are in reality. Most things aren’t as big a deal as we feel them to be. More often than not, they can wait, because they don’t matter.

2) An uncomfortable truth: Those who complain most about their lack of time are the ones who make the worst use of it.

Next time you moan about the scarcity of hours in the day, take a look at how you spend most of those hours. Chances are, you piss them away on activities that are inessential, unimportant and useless.

Next time you complain about the lack of time, ask yourself: Do I need more time? Or do I need to make better use of the time I already have?