Fixing your problems

​Winter. Wet. There’s damp on the walls. What do you do?

After cussing, I suspect you’d do what every sane person would do. Get it fixed.

You have a problem that negatively affects how you live, so you fix it as soon as you can. Doesn’t matter whether it’s your house or your car or anything else. You don’t let it continue to impact you.

But what about internal problems?

Say you have anger issues. Or you get overly jealous and possessive. Or you binge drink.

These are problems too. They may not be as easily fixed as some damp on a wall. But still. 

We fix external problems. But we neglect our internal problems and allow them to fester and compound.

That doesn’t make sense to me.

If you have a problem, internal or external, fix it. Don’t let it continue to affect your life