You’re not free. You’re a prisoner

​I’m a prisoner. You’re a prisoner. We all are.

But what are we imprisoned by?

Our fears. Our beliefs. Our attachments. Our desires. Our upbringing, our education and our mental models. Biases. Prejudices. Our relationships, our commitments and our debts. 

To see how all the above imprison us, here’s a few questions you can ask:

– What am I scared of and how is that affecting my behaviour?

– What am I attached to and how is that distorting my view of the world?

– How has my upbringing influenced how I make decisions?

There’s many more questions you can ask. But the reality is that all the above influence our behaviour in some way. Our past relationships influence how we see our future ones. Our attachments, fears and desires shape the risks we are willing to take. 

Do you want to escape your prison?

The first step to attaining freedom is realising you’re not free. So ask the questions and study the answers.