The ship is sinking

​“The ship is sinking! We have to go!”

“No. I will not leave. Sailing is all I’ve ever known.”

“But you’ll die!! Don’t be a fool. Come with me. Save yourself.”

“NO. Sailing is what I want to do, it is all I have ever known. I will not abandon this ship.”

Change is perpetual. The world turns and during that turning, many people have to adapt. To evolve. To quit and to leave behind what they hold dear. 

But before we are forced by circumstance, we have a choice. We can see the impending doom and choose to persist. Or we can choose to avoid the collision and make the change ahead of time.

But whatever we decide to do or not do, there’s reality. And it doesn’t care if you love a dying industry. It doesn’t care if your dream job is no longer required in this world. It doesn’t care about what you want.

The world turns. Your ambitions and desires and beliefs must turn with it. You can go on wanting something that is becoming impossible. But it won’t change anything. Reality doesn’t care about your petty desires. 

If the ship is sinking, no amount of complaining and lamenting will keep it afloat. You may want that job, this career, to do X, to be Y. It doesn’t matter. 

If the ship is sinking, you have two options. Go down with it or climb aboard another ship. But keep in mind that there’s nothing heroic about the former. Remaining in an obsolete and dying industry isn’t virtuous. It’s stubborn and prideful and stupid. 

If the ship is sinking, find another ship