The rise of the nine to five lifestyle

​I do something from nine till five. And it ain’t work.

In my young life, I’ve never had a traditional, nine to five job. I’ve worked split shifts. I’ve worked eighty hour weeks and eighteen hour shifts. I’ve worked till the early hours of the morning and started work in the early hours of the morning. I’ve worked weekends and evenings. Everything but nine to five, Monday to Friday.

My life has never followed a consistent pattern for more than a few months at a time. And I think it’ll continue to be like that. Which is good, because I’m contradictory in a way. I like routine but I don’t like things to stay the same. I get bored.

But now I’m taking control of my life. I can control how I spend my time and energy to a certain degree. And with that choice, rather than choosing to work nine till five, I choose to sleep from nine till five. AM.

At five in the morning, the world is quieter. Still. And it means that by midday, I’ve already done five hours of work. My day is more than halfway done. 

Going to bed at nine in the evening is great too. Every hour of sleep before midnight is worth double. So I wake up the next morning ready to attack the day. 

One type of nine to five lifestyle is dying. The corporate type. The Monday to Friday variety. The other type is thriving. At least in my own life.