Two boxers. One difference

​Two boxers. One difference. 

The first has great speed, power and energy. The second has great timing and accuracy.

The first boxer wins by overwhelming his opponent. By releasing a relentless barrage of blows and movement upon his adversary. He never tires. He never stops. He wears his opponent down with his speed and energy.

The second boxer wins by choosing his moment. He is patient. He waits until his opponent drops his guard, or unbalances himself. He throws few punches, but every one is significant. Every strike matters.

The first boxer loses when his opponent uses his energy against him. When his opponent forces him to overextend and stretch for something that isn’t there. His own speed, energy and power defeat him.

The second boxer loses when he waits too long. When he isn’t satisfied with good enough and wants to wait for the perfect moment. The longer he holds out for the right moment, the more time his opponent has to land a blow. To figure him out and take him down.

Who would win in a fight between the first boxer and the second? Who would you back to win? Who would you most like to be in that fight?

Does speed, power and energy matter more than timing and accuracy?