“You should quit”



“You should quit.”


“But look how hard it is. All the pain. The suffering. The anxiety. The anger. The jealousy. It doesn’t have to be like this. It’s all self-inflicted.”

“Go on…”

“And for what? So you can do something you love for a living? So you can feel proud when you look back on your career? So you can do supposedly valuable and meaningful work? Wouldn’t you much rather have a normal life? With a regular job, a car, a house and a family?”

“But I don’t want the normal. I want something more from life.”

“Are you sure? Look around you. The people you know, they’re content. Their lives are good. You don’t want to be content and satisfied?”

“I do but…”

“So why not quit? There’s still time. There’s still a chance to build a normal life.”

“Because although it’s hard now, at least there’s a chance of success. Of happiness. But going down that road, I’ll never be happy. I’ll always be dissatisfied, wondering what my life could’ve been, what I could’ve done.”

“So you won’t quit?”

“No. Never.”