Noise and silence

​Over the last few months I’ve noticed a disturbing trend. But before I tell you what it is, consider what has happened recently. Jo Cox shot and killed. Brexit. A new, unelected Prime Minister. Shootings in the US. The carnage in Nice. Naturally, there’s been a lot of words about these events. Everybody’s got an opinion.

And that’s the disturbing trend. Everybody runs their mouth about events that are out of their control. But these same people, the ones who lament and complain about the “state of our world,” don’t do shit. They’re too busy moaning about things that are beyond their control to do something about the things within their power. 

They’ll watch the news and say what they think our elected leaders should do. They’ll tell you what they think should be done. They’ll point out the errors and mistakes that other people are committing. They’ll moan about work. About how hard it is to make a good living. They’ll tell you that they deserve more than they’re currently getting.

They’ll talk. Endlessly. 

But the noise they make is only a cover for their own laziness. It’s easy to mistake talk for action. To think that by talking more and talking louder you’re doing something. That you’re having an impact. Sorry you’re not. What these people haven’t realised is that you can make more noise being silent. Quiet action is more effective than loud, empty proclamations of opinion.