Understanding, immortality and meaning

​We are fascinated by what it is impossible for us to become.

We seek wisdom and understanding because we are irrational. Because we are ignorant. Because we know that we can never know it all. 

We are obsessed with permanence and immortality because our presence here is not permanent and we are not immortal. Our lives are transient and fleeting. Just a spec on the timeline of the universe. 

We search for meaning because most of our actions are meaningless. Our breathing, defecating, eating and sleeping doesn’t change the world.  

But just because something is impossible doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t pursue it. In the hunt for comprehensive understanding, we’ll learn more than if we never tried at all. Grappling with our smallness does more good than a nihilistic acceptance of our irrelevance. Striving for meaning and change will sometimes result in a positive shift in the state of affairs. 

In fact, during the pursuit of the impossible, we might discover that some things are not impossible. Just improbable.