A better way

​Is there a better way?

Think about what you’re doing and where you’re going. Who told you this is a good idea? Who showed you? What makes you think that you’ve discovered the best possible path?

That is what you must think. You must believe that this is the best of all alternatives. As Socrates discovered, no man knowingly does evil. And similarly, no man would exert his energy down an avenue that he knows to be less than the best. If he knew of a better course, he would take it.

So I ask again. Is there a better way? 

You may not have found it yet, but does one exist? Can you conceive of a more effective use of your time, attention and energy? If you can, then would it not be more useful to devote yourself to finding and taking that path? Instead of wasting yourself on something you know to be less than the best.