It isn’t over yet

​Woke up late. Didn’t meditate. Ate some cereal. Read a chapter of Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. Completed the loop: email, Facebook, Twitter, Quora. 

Decided to read for two hours and only managed 45 minutes. Edited and uploaded a new piece to the blog. Started to write a new one then decided I couldn’t. Not feeling good. 

Completed the loop again: Email, Facebook, Twitter, Quora. Worked on the book. Read more HPMOR, sent some emails and procrastinated a lot. Ate lunch. Meditated but not really. Read more HPMOR. 

After finishing a chapter, I leaned back in my chair. I sighed and took off my glasses and thought to myself: “My glasses are like the stories we tell ourselves. When we’re looking through them, we can see with absolute clarity. But without them, the world is fuzzy, dim and doesn’t make sense.”

Then I rose from my chair and outlined this post on the whiteboard above my desk. I was going to call it, “The recounting of a bad day.” But writing those words, I realised that it’s only three o’clock. 

The day isn’t over yet.