There is no one else

Nobody cares more than you do about your own life and success. You are the founder, the majority shareholder, the CEO of your time on this planet. The responsibility for it’s performance and output is yours and yours alone.

Which means that, as well as setting the standards you aspire to, you must enforce adherence to them.

If you decide you need to get up at 0430 to create before you go to work, it’s on you to see that resolution through. It’s no one else’s fault if you don’t. 

If you think you must connect with one new person every day, you can’t offload that responsibility. You must be the one to find a way to provide value for and reach out to others.

If you decide that you need to focus on developing new skills, you have to do the work. Assume that no-one will help you. Evaluate the environment and your current skillset, create a strategy and execute it.

There’s no excuses. There’s no one else to push you onwards when you want to quit. When it gets hard. You have to apply your own pressure. And if you can’t do that? If you can’t motivate yourself? If you can’t get up and get going in the absence of an external force?

You have a problem.