The anchor

​The wind rocks and the rain lashes the cabin. The waves crash and the thunder cracks in the dark sky above you. The ship yaws, pitches, rolls and drifts amidst the violent sea.

But you’re safe. You’re anchored in position.

We’re at the mercy of the sea of life. There are periods of tranquillity. Of gentle waters and beautiful vistas. And there are times of intense difficulty. Unprovoked challenge. 

Sometimes we try, and succeed in, going toe-to-toe with the storms. We sail into the towering walls of water and ride the waves. Other times, it’s all we can do to stay in the same place. To not get swept up and thrown overboard. In these times, it’s useful to have an anchor. Something that can keep us in place. That can bear some of the stress and act as a safety mechanism against disaster.

That anchor could be a relationship. Your partner. Your parents. A sibling. A friend. A community or a group. Any of these could be the ones that hold you down in times of volatility.

It could be an activity. A hobby, a passion, or a practice. Perhaps it’s meditation that allows you to decompress. Maybe playing a musical instrument or participating in a sport closes up the wounds that life slashes open. 

Or it could be an idea. A standard that you strive to attain. Or an ambition you’re in pursuit of. Or a story that you tell yourself about yourself or the world. Perhaps you believe that humans thrive on challenge and discomfort. 

You may be sailing in calm waters today. But the storm is inevitable. It’s coming. And you’ll need your anchor at hand before it arrives. So ask yourself, “where’s my anchor?”