A bigger footprint

​The car you drive. The food you buy. Your water, electricity and gas usage. The clothes and material possessions you purchase. These all contribute to your carbon footprint.

If you’re a conscientious citizen, you want to reduce your carbon footprint. You’d like the world to be in a habitable state for the generations to come.

But what about your career footprint?

Think about your average week. How many people do you come into contact with? What effect does your work have on others and their work? Does it make theirs easier? Does it amplify what they do? Or does it handicap it? How many people will feel your work’s impact tomorrow? Or next week? Or next year?

Typically, instead of reducing, you want to increase your career footprint. We should all want to impact more people. To make a bigger contribution. To use our time to create a lasting impression on the environment and the people contained within it.

But are you focusing on that? Are you leaving a bigger footprint now than you were five years ago? Than you were last year? 

Will the work you do tomorrow leave a footprint greater than the work you do today?