Screaming and competing

“Pay your bills!”

“Contact J.D. about that project!”

“It’s your husband’s birthday next week!”

“Fix the garage door!”

“Respond to that invite!”

Obligations. Demands. Needs. To-do lists. Errands. Problems. The list is endless.

Imagine you’re stood in the centre of a circle. Surrounding you are thirty people. Their eyes are fixed on you and out of their mouths are coming loud, exaggerated demands. Thirty people, all shouting, screaming and competing for your attention. That’s how it feels when we contemplate everything we think we have to do. How do we make it through that?

You need a mechanism that can mute 99% of the people in that circle. Something that can categorise and prioritise every demand upon your time and energy.

Some people use their mind alone. They have the capacity to hold hundreds of threads in their mind without imploding. The rest of us use things like Evernote. Or the Getting Things Done system. Or tickler files. Or apps, reminders and calendars. I myself use spreadsheets.

Whatever it is, you need something to help you prioritise and process the countless things that require your attention