Hope is not a strategy

Sent the wrong order to a customer? The relationship with your best friend is deteriorating? That back injury is getting progressively worse? Hate your job? Don’t have enough money? Or enough time?

None of these problems are solved by hoping they turn out okay. By trusting to the hands of time to right the wrongs.

Hoping, praying and crossing your fingers might work if the universe was responsive to your dreams and desires. But it isn’t. It doesn’t give a damn. So instead of huffing, puffing and wishing for the world to magically solve your problems, get off your ass. 

Hope is not a strategy because a strategy is built on reflection. From the decisions that arise from those reflections. And from the actions that are birthed by those decisions. 

Hope can’t change the world. It won’t solve your problems. Optimism in the face of adversity might make you feel good, but it accomplishes nothing if it’s not married to concrete, tangible action.