It already exists, you just have to find it

​What’s your problem?

Is it relationships? Problems with friends, family or colleagues?

Is it related to business? Creating one, developing it, ensuring it’s survival, or steering it through a reinvention?

Does the problem have to do with academic issues? Perhaps you don’t know what to study or where to go to learn.

Do you find it difficult to create? Maybe you feel blocked, or you’re not consistent enough?

Maybe life management is the problem. You way too many commitments and obligations to fulfil. 

Are you out of shape? Weak? Overweight? Suffering from a nagging injury?

Struggling to get by? Perhaps you make just-enough money to stay above the breadline?

Are you stressed out? Worried? Anxious? Angry? Upset?

Relax. The solution to your problem is out there. See, only an infinitesimal amount of our problems are unprecedented. In most cases, we’re not the first to be struck dumb by the intractability of an issue. Others, smarter and wiser than us, have walked the same path and surpassed similar obstacles.

Realising this makes everything easier. Because if you know the solution already exists, that it’s out there somewhere, then moaning and complaining seem like a colossal waste of resources. 

We’re not Einsteins, trying to create a theory of everything. We’re normal people with normal problems. Problems already encountered and defeated by many, many others. 

So if the answer is already out there, and other people have already overcome similar difficulties, why complain? Why moan? Why bitch? Surely a better use of your time and energy is to hunt down the solution. To seek the answer to the riddle. You know it exists.

It’s like complaining that you’ve lost your keys when you know they’re in the house. Why whine about their being lost? Search the fucking house and you’ll find them.

The answer to your problem, to the issue confounding you, already exists. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and go find it.