Chucking down the reins

Responsibility means taking ownership of the wins and the losses. It means acknowledging your role in both the successes and the failures. You cannot claim one and deny the other.

It’s all-or-nothing. 

You can take no responsibility for your wins and losses. For all the problems and opportunities in front of you. But that is the way of the coward. That is surrendering all control, chucking down the reigns that guide your life. 

Or you can take full responsibility for your life and own every problem, every action, every opportunity, every decision, every victory and every defeat. 

Taking responsibility doesn’t mean taking the world’s weight on your shoulders. It doesn’t mean burdening yourself with things that are out of your control. It’s about realising what is down to you and you alone and not running from it. It is about accepting, no embracing, your life and all that comes with it. Not running away and avoiding it.

That’s the call you have to make. You either embrace your life and all it’s baggage, or you flee it. The choice is yours. But as you make it, remember this. Cowards are made, not born. They become cowards incrementally, decision by decision, moment by moment.

One of these paths is walked by the courageous. The other is trodden by the cowardly. Which will you take?