Stop thinking, start feeling

We’ve erected monuments to the rational thinker. Books. Articles. Interviews. Movies. Documentaries. All these things are monuments to the individual who can detach themselves, perceive, assess and decide.

But sometimes it’s good to remember that the rational portions of our brains are the newest. On the evolutionary timeline, our capacity for rational thought is like a beta version of a technology. It kinda works, but there’s a lot of bugs.

Whereas our feeling brain, the part that works via mechanisms of intuition and instinct, has been around much longer. And I suspect, because of the length of time it has been around, it is way more polished than the thinking brain. The feeling parts of the brain are way more sensitive and much more valuable than we give them credit for in this age of the rational.

If you don’t believe me, test it out for yourself. Just for today, stop thinking and try feeling. Make decisions with your senses, with your gut, instead of with your cool calculating mind. Choose how to spend your time based on how the thought of each activity makes you feel, not how much you think you can get from it.

Just for today, stop thinking, start feeling.