Holding weight

​There’s a fundamental truth that few people in the strength and conditioning world talk about. Here it is: if you can’t hold the weight, you won’t be able to lift it.

If my aim is deadlift three times my bodyweight, it doesn’t matter how strong my back and legs are. I have to be able to hold that much weight in my hands. If my hands can’t support it, my body won’t let me lift it.

We can take this realisation out of the world of sweat and iron and apply it in a wider context. Basically, there are things we must be able to do before we can do what we desire. 

If I want to lift six hundred pounds, I need to be able to hold six hundred pounds. If I want to spend a year travelling the world, I need to either have a source of location-independent income, or figure out how to make enough money in each new place I go to. If I want to meet more people, then I need to go to places and do things that will put me in contact with people I don’t know. 

The examples are endless. But it’s worth keeping in mind. For anything you want to do, for any ambition or desire, there’s usually some requirement that needs to be satisfied first. That thing should be where you focus all your time and attention. After all, you can’t reach the top of the staircase if you don’t climb each individual step that comes before the summit.