An act to remember you by

​“If you only had six months to live…” 

“If you had ten million…”

“If you could go back and change one thing…”

Hypothetical scenarios have a strange ability. They help us to move past the minutiae and see the things that really matter. They help us to identify what is truly important.

I have another scenario to add to the three listed above. It’s based around a question that I found myself asking as I gazed out the window, wondering what exactly I’d like to say to you. Here it is:

Some higher power appears beside you and says, “Your time is up. What you’ve done in the past is irrelevant. What you were going to do in the future doesn’t matter. But before you come with me to the land of the un-living, you have a decision to make. You have to choose one single act to perform. All that the world will remember of you is this act. Whatever it is, I will help you accomplish it. So what is it going to be? What are you going to do?”

Do you do something small, like tell your partner you love them? Do you hug your parents? Do you do something kind, like sit with a child as their life leaves them? Do you make a sacrifice for someone or something? Do you spend your final act doing something you love, or helping someone else do something they love? Do you visit your home? Do you stand on a beach and let the waves wash the sand from in between your toes? Do you have a drink with friends, or do you call on someone from your past with words of thanks?

If the world is to remember you for only one act, what would you like it to be?