Standing alone

It takes strength to stand alone. It takes courage to stand up when there’s no there, or no one willing, to stand with you, to be a lone soldier in the fight against fortune. 

But you know what? Most of the time we don’t have to fight alone. We live in a hyper-connected world and we all have options and opportunities to gather support around ourselves and our cause. In such a world, the refusal to gather assistance and support isn’t virtuous. It isn’t noble or indicative of strength. It betrays stubbornness, fear, stupidity and vanity.

To continue the fight alone when you have genuine offers of support is to allow the ego to overpower the faculties of reason. If you shun support when it is sincerely offered and freely given, your are not a hero, you are not strong, you are not courageous. You are a fool, you are weak, you are a coward, no matter what you try to prove or communicate with your lonely stand. 

Your unwillingness to accept assistance is proof of your vulnerability, not an example of its absence.