I’m alive

As you lie in bed, preparing to close your eyes, recall these words: “Tonight, I may die.” It seems macabre, but really, it compels us to focus on the day past. On how we spent it. On what we would regret and be content with should we never wake up. Similarly, as you wake in the morning, roll over and wish for five more minutes in that soft, warm heaven, recall these words: “I’m alive.”

It’s a simple statement. But we rarely consider it. We are alive—whether we like it or not. We can squabble over the quality of our lives, the meanings of our existence, the rightness or wrongness of the world we inhabit, yet we cannot deny the fact that we are here. We have been given the gift and the curse that is life. The question is, what are we going to do with it? Saying to yourself, as you go to bed, “Tonight, I may die”, and as you awake, “I’m alive” is just one mechanism which can help us formulate an answer.