Radical and permanent transformation

On my second read-through of Mindfulness in Plain English, I came across many ideas that I hadn’t detected before. Some were subtle, others were sharp blades stabbing right into the heart of my consciousness. The following sentence is one of the latter:

“The purpose of vipassana meditation is nothing less than the radical and permanent transformation of your entire sensory and cognitive experience.”

A bold statement. But it isn’t limited to just this particular discipline of meditation. Is this not the purpose of an education? Isn’t this the hoped for consequence of acting in and learning about the real world? Isn’t this what we should be pursuing? Shouldn’t we be constantly trying to deconstruct our assumptions and remodel our selves at the most fundamental and basic level? Shouldn’t the true quest of an adult’s life be nothing more than the relentless and rigorous testing of everything we think and everything we think about what we do?