Humanity’s true war

Humanity has forever fought wars. Amongst ourselves and our ancestors, there have been many. But each one pales in comparison to humanity’s true war: the war against mortality.

Every human being, on a grand scale or on the smallest scale imaginable, seeks to defy death. We bring children into the world that we hope will outlive us and have their own children. We work to build and create things that will have an impact beyond the extent of our existence. Through our thoughts, our words, and our deeds, we seek to sustain ourselves long past the milestone of our physical death.

But while this war is one we are hard-wired to fight, it is one we are destined to lose. As the tagline for financial news aggregator Zero Hedge puts it: “On a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.”

Everything fades, eventually. We can win the battle, but never the war against mortality.