Quantity first

When it comes to the creation of any new habit—marginal or meaningful—the process is the same: quantity, then quality.

When it comes to movement, what you do at the gym matters less, in the beginning, than the fact that you get there consistently. In the early stages of meditation practice, the aim is not to achieve enlightenment, reach nirvana or become an emotional Jedi. The aim is to sit down for twenty minutes, morning and evening, day after day, for months. Want to read more? As Naval Ravikant recently put it: “Read what you love until you love to read.” I myself can attest to the truth of this—I grew up reading the books that my father read. Mostly thrillers. In the process I learnt to love reading, and now that it’s cemented as a core practice in my life I can read about a wide array of topics and focus on finding value in what I consume.

Making a practice consistent is a prerequisite to making a practice effective.

Quantity, then quality.