Internal revolution

When faced with external problems more or less is often the answer. I need more insight about topic A; I need less noise in my information channels; I need to put myself on more channels and meet more people; I need to spend less time doing unimportant things. But this strategy doesn’t work for internal problems—existential angst, anxiety, the search for serenity and other issues that come with the standard human existence.

In such cases adding or taking away just exacerbates the problem(s). Thinking that cleaning out your wardrobe will eradicate your sadness is just an foolish as thinking that buying a new X will make you less of a wet blanket—both are short-term fixes that allow the problem space to fester and time to metastasise into a mind-wide cancer.

Instead, try the following. Tell yourself that nothing about your external environment needs to change for your internal environment to undergo a revolution. Tell yourself that you need nothing more nor nothing less. All you need is all that you already have.

Now watch how your approach to this problem changes.